Thursday, May 3, 2012

Games of the Past

As my brother Clarke is getting ready to leave for his mission this month I was thinking back to our childhood. I am the luckiest/unluckiest sibling. I am the middle of 5 children which I believe has been great because it was always pretty easy for me to have a good relationship with all of my siblings. I wasn't to young or to old and I have loved it. Unlucky because I seriously got forgotten all the time. I once waited at the school for 45 minutes and finally my coach took me home so he didn't have to wait family had decided to go boating.

Anyways, when looking back a memory that I will never forget about is the games that we played as kids. Yes we played board games and card games but we enjoyed making up our own games. The two favorites were "the light saber game" and "the octopus game." We were really good at naming our games to ha ha!

The Octopus game was one that is memorable but I only actually remember playing it once. Our parents were gone, and Andrea was babysitting. We have a circle in our house that goes around the living room, through my parents room, the computer room, through the entry way and back into the living room. We had one big couch that became the ship. Andrea, Abbie and I would run through this circle, Clarke would be hiding and try to catch. The only reason I remember this game is because clarke was hiding in the computer and scared Andrea so bad. I don't think there was any way to win but we played it for hours.

The Light Saber game was one that was played many many nights in the Huntsman basement. My brother Clarke really liked Star Wars and got a double red darth vader light saber, hence the name. Andrea and I would stay in our room and count to some number while Clarke hid somewhere in the living room downstairs. We would then come out and try to find him. He would again jump out and scare the crap out of us but with this game he then began hitting us with the light saber.(I remember one time he was around a corner and just lit the light saber up to scare us!) Whatever he hit would get "cut off." Luckily we created a way of restoring our bodies. Those who didn't get hit would run to the base, our fireplace. If they could make it to us with the "medicine," which would be some weird object then we would have full health and both of us got a free walk back to base. If we were all on the base then we would jump off and run around seeing if we could without getting hit. At some point we would get bored and start all over. We would play this game all the time, almost every time we had friends over we would beg clarke to play the game with weird are we.

I am sure people feel bad for Clarke, being the only boy with 4 sisters he knows things he probably wish he would never have to know. (One day his wife will thank us :) ) He shouldn't complain to much, his sisters used to beg him to hit us with his light saber! I think we might have to play a round of the light saber game before he leaves, just for old time sake.

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