Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taysom Cole Murdoch

Well it has been over a year since I wrote on this and Taysom is 4 months old now so I thought I should post his birth story. Mostly for myself so I can remember it but whoever is welcome to enjoy!

Sunday January 6, 2013

Normal day...went to church, then to Cole parents and started some laundry and then to my parents house to visit them. While I was at my mothers house I started to get a cramping feeling in my back. It kept coming and going so I told my mom. I asked her if it was contractions...its in my back and how the heck am I supposed to even know what contractions feel like?!? Well she told me that she only had contractions in her back and my sister did as well (she was at my mothers as well). So we started timing them. My doctor told me that if I have them constantly for more then 3 hours to go to the hospital.

Well the contractions started around 7:30-8:00 p.m. We were timing them and they were about every 2-3 minutes and they would last about 30 seconds. We left my parents house and went back to Cole's parents to grab our laundry. One of our cars was parked at Doug Andrus and my contractions were strong enough I didn't feel comfortable driving a car. So Cole asked his dad to go with him to get the car. He asked why and I said, "Now don't get to excited but I'm having contractions." Clay was ready to drive me to the hospital right then and there haha. We decided to not go get the car because we were going to go the hospital if nothing else to ease my mind. So we headed back to our apartment to pack a bad (just in case) and headed to the hospital.

I knew from my sister's that they don't let you eat once you are admitted so we decided to hit the McDonalds drive thru on our way up. While we were driving Cole kept asking me if I really thought they would keep us. Honestly I was like probably not but I just have to know. Doctor Baker had checked me at my last appointment so I knew I was dilated to at least a 2 and my cervix was thin. So I felt better knowing that they wouldn't tell me that absolutely nothing was happening! It is about midnight when we got to the hospital. Since it was so late we had to go through the emergency room. A labor and delivery nurse came and took me to the labor and delivery wing in a wheelchair. Cole was just laughing at me saying I was so high maintenance but when I told them I could walk they said it was protocol.

So the nurse tells me that they are going to keep me for an hour for observation and if something changes they will admit me. They hooked me up to the montior to watch the contractions. Cole was watching them and kept making fun of me for not having strong ones. haha so supportive :) This felt like a long hour....but she came back, checked me and said I had changed a little bit so she was going to call my doctor. She came back and said I was staying!! Wahoo!!! She told me that we could do this however I I decided to just hang out for awhile. Now my sisters had said that when they got checked it hurt...I guess Doctor Baker is really nice because it never hurt, but when the nurse checked me I was like OUCH!!! haha After she checked me the first time I had started to bleed and it didn't show signs of stopping so I was glad I was admitted. I had planned on getting an epidural and I told Cole, honestly I don't want to feel that again. My contractions aren't that bad but that is haha.

So I called the nurse in and we started the IV. She said that they usually like to have a bag of fluids in someone before an epidural so she just opened the IV all the way. By the time the anastegiolost came in I was shaking. The nurse asked if I was nervous. I said a little but honestly I was shaking because I was cold! So he put the epidural in and they brought me some warm blankets :) I decided I wanted to start the pitocin after the epidural because my sisters had told me that contractions on pit were way worse so I decided I was ok not feeling that :) so my body is numb and we start the pit...about 10 seconds in I said that I felt nauseous...then about 5 seconds later I had to puke. Its very difficult trying to sit up to puke when your numb and can't. So the nurse and my mom are trying to hold me up while I puke. (My mom came up a little while after I told her I was staying.) The nurses say that's weird.....awesome thats what you want to hear.

So Taysom started freaking out a little on the pitocin so they decided to stop it until my doctor was we all just hung out. I tried to get some sleep but I was just to freaking excited. Cole's mom and little sister McCall came up to the hospital to hang out with us while we wait. McCall was so adorable with how excited she was about having a nephew. She had even told her parents during the night that she couldn't sleep because she was excited.(She also told me when we found out it was a boy that she was hoping it would be a boy.)

Doctor Baker finally came in and broke my water around 8:30 a.m. I was dilated to about a 5-6 and I was kinda stuck there until he broke my water. After that I dilated quickly and at 10:00 they said they were going to have me labor down for an hour and then do some practice pushes. During that hour I felt like Taysom was coming out whether I pushed or not. I had started to regain feeling in my left leg and told the nurse. No one told me I had a handy little button to give me more medicine. So I hit that thing about 3-4 times until the pain in my left side was gone. I wanted the epidural so I didn't have to be in pain right? So at 11:15 they had me do a practice push and then told me to stop...I didn't want to stop! But Taysom's head was right there and they needed to get doctor baker there so we could actually have this baby.

So Doctor Baker gets there at 11:30 and says let push!! I immediately start crying...for the past hour all I have wanted to do was push and now that I can my emotions are going crazy. My husband gave me a blessing and we start! Now Cole doesn't do well with blood. He gets light headed talking about blood while he is sitting down haha so I asked my mother and mother-in-law to be in there and hold my legs. Cole just stayed at my head and said encouraging words :) After 30 minutes of pushing Taysom was here, on January 7, 2013. He was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. And I would just like to say that Doctor Baker is AMAZING!! I felt so comfortable with him and he was the best coach I could of had. He was awesome in telling me when to push and how to push. I had very little tearing and the birth was so smooth and I believe it is because of him. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a doctor in Idaho Falls.

 That moment when they are out is the most amazing feeling in the world. My sister Andrea took pictures for me of his birth.

This is my favorite picture. I think it captures all of me feeling perfectly. I was so happy to have that little guy in my arms and could imagine my life with out him. He has been such an amazing addition to our family and I couldn't imagine life without him. Who knew that you could love someone so much and instantly. When my dad came in he said something like you know there is a god. This is truly the most amazing testimony builder I have ever had. Knowing that you made this baby from scratch and that he is perfect. he has all the right things in the right places and I know that heavenly father really trusts Cole and I to take care of this little guy. I hope that I can be a good enough mother that I can be able to be his mother forever. He has blessed my life so much and I love my little punk.

I have so many more pictures but I will post them in a different post so this isn't any longer then it needs to be :)

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